Who is DJ Yendri ?


DJ Yendri is a DJ of Cuban origin, a graduate of computers and electronics at the University of Havana. Since he was 15 years old he began to penetrate into the world of audio and video and started working in various nightclubs in Cuba such as La Red, el Sherezada, El Amanecer, El Cabaret Nacional, Dos Gardenias, Salón Rojo del Capri, Barrio Azul, Tropicanita, La Cecilia, El Carmelo, La Roca, Herradura, Villa Panamericana, Villa Bacuranao, Guanimar, Guanabo Club, Galicia, 5ta y 42, Don Cangrejo, Marina Hemingway, El Jhonny, Kasalta, El 1830, Hotel Internacional de Varadero, Las Cañitas, Pico Blanco, and Macumba Habana among others.


Besides working as a DJ, having knowledge of audio technology has allowed him to work with renowned Cuban groups, as an audio room technician and audio technical reference. He also has knowledge of intelligent lighting systems with DMX. His work is not only to be a DJ, it is also to design a show to create a spectacular night.


He recently worked in Cuba with the Audiovisual Show Havana Show, participating in its creation and helping to take him to be of the most popular show, followed by Cuban youth and many of the tourists visiting the island today. His work is characterized by working on their nights partying with the audiovisual, giving a special touch to the evening coordinating all the music together with pictures and videos on custom scenarios, together with special effects, promotional messages on the screens in addition to promoting public interaction with text messages via their cell projected on screens, and coordination of lighting effects to completely fill your night out.


His audience that follows him is as diverse as his music, but not limited to a specific gender or age. The genres that he works with are characterized are Latin music, house, salsa, reggaeton, bachata, merengue and more. Each song is always accompanied by the video. His music is designed to please the audience and keep everyone dancing and having fun. That is the true purpose of a night of partying, which is always found at parties with DJ Yendri .