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Contact me through my email or call me directly to my phone, you can find my contact information to the left of this page, marked in red. Check out my competitive prices for your next event.

Want to make the best party of your life? ... Call me...

Besides enjoying the best music all night, you can view all the videos of your favorite songs mixed with the music, you could sing and even do a karaoke competition.

You can also send messages and promotions from your mobile that will be projected over the videos and the people assisting to the event have the option to reply back from their mobiles and also be projected over the videos.

Whether a wedding, a quinceañera party or a birthday, you will have a custom animation along with a personalized video for your big occasion ... Call Now!!


For only $ 250.00 DJ Yendri will be mixing the best music for 5 hours straight.

Do you want to upload the "pressure " of your party or event, then add any of the following extras:


Add this extra to have videos projected on a large screen in sync with the music you're dancing, special effects, interactive messages on the screen, Karaoke and more than 10 000 songs available + live camera.


Add this extra to have a custom audio presentation for the party or event.


Add this extra to have an audio and video presentation customized for the party or event.


Add this extra for each additional screen you wish to project videos.


Add this extra If you want to run promotions and interactive messages on the screens over the music video.





All extras including 30 minutes more of party(Only one screen with this special, if you want additional screens, will cost $ 100.00 each)

All prices are based on 5 hours of service (except the Super Special Offer which includes 30 additional minutes)

Birthdays for children under 8 years will have a $ 50.00 discount.

Yendri DJ assures equipment, transportation and all the music and videos that will make the most of your party.

You can suggest the rhythms and artists of your choice, as well as the preferred karaoke if you hire this service.

If you want to extend your party beyond the 5 hours, you will pay only $ 50.00 for each additional hour, including the same services contracted for the first 5 hours.

Currently only available in Miami-Dade and Broward, Florida, USA.

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